On 13 November 1952, Dr. Josef Müller-Strobel registered a patent for the removal of metal caps on bottles under the number CH315839A.

Based on this patent, the 4-jaw crimping tool FERMPRESS was developed.


An article in the Zürcher Zeitung informed G.A. Flaigg from Basel about this invention.

Mr. G.A. Flaigg has been in the market for injection and infusion bottles since 1946 and is the first in Europe to market these borosilicate pharmaceutical bottles of hydrolytic class I from Wheaton Glass USA.

Mr. Flaigg and Mr. Müller signed a cooperation agreement for the distribution of all FERMPRESS products worldwide.


The FERMPRESS hand pliers in particular were used in laboratories all over the world until the beginning of the new millennium. The distribution partner for North America at that time was the West Company. Today's Flaigg AG was the first to bring its rubber stoppers and aluminium caps to Europe.

Owner change

In 2000, Stephan Vogel, the owner of Flaigg AG and Artopac AG, acquired Fermpress Apparate AG and renamed it to Synopac AG. Today, filling and closing machines are successfully produced for pharmaceuticals, food, chemistry and beauty.



Synopac AG is specialized in partial and full automation. The modular principle makes it possible to install Stand Alone machines once purchased into automation. This is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises, because the Synopac machines can grow with the needs of customers.